Friday, June 15, 2012

Gluten Free Reluctance in Celiacs

A recent study (in England) has found that over 40% of patients with coeliac disease are dissatisfied with a gluten-free diet. 

These patients were also asked to describe their preference for three different potential therapeutic approaches, of which patients preferred a vaccine approach over an anti-zonulin and peptidase approach by a moderate amount.

They are keen to go back onto gluten if they can get some sort of vaccine or pill to change the way their gut processes gluten. They are willing to make unknown changes to their immune sytmes so that they can go on eating a toxic food.

To me this shows:1- the massive ignorance of these people about the serious harm of gluten. 2 - the lack of knowledge about the neurological harm of gluten. 3 - the low level of family and community support for these people. Going gluten free should be easy, healthy and enjoyable.

Gluten Free Planet has a lot of work to do!

Cheers Dr Rodney Ford.
Author of "The Gluten Syndrome"

Aziz I, Evans KE, Papageorgiou V, Sanders DS. Are patients with coeliac disease seeking alternative therapies to a gluten-free diet? J Gastrointestin Liver Dis 2011; 20: 27–31.