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Getting gliadin blood tests in Sydney

For people living in Sydney, Australia Information about getting IgG-Gliadin blood tests in Sydney.

First, why the difficulty? There are 3 things to understand about the blood-test confusion that we find ourselves in:

Most doctors (GPs and specialists) only look for celiac disease. The best blood tests for celiac disease are the tTG and the new test and DGP (deamidated gliadin peptide) which are excellent tests to diagnose the gut damage of coeliac disease.

The test for gluten, IgG-Gliadin antibody, is excellent for finding out about gluten reactions. However, this gluten test has been abandoned by most Sydney labs (because it does not give any indication of gut damage). The immunologists still need to be persuaded that the entity of gluten-sensitivity exists. They remain “institutionally blind” because their focus is on celiac disease rather than helping people with symptoms.

Now the confusing bit! The brand new DGP test (which measures the immune system’s reaction to a tiny fraction of gluten – the Deamidated part) is now being called a “Gliadin test”. But this new DGP test is very different to the old Gliadin test! The labs are currently reporting both tests as "gliadin" tests. Everyone is confused.


To find a solution to the problem, I have contacted many laboratories in Sydney. However, there is more work to do.

As far as I can tell, there are only a few laboratories in Sydney that will do the old IgG-gliadin antibody test:

1 - Viral Diagnostics, 9a Avon Rd, N Ryde, phone: 9888 3444

This is the medical laboratory that can do the IgG-gliadin antibody tests.

“Viral Diagnostics” will accept blood samples sent to it from any other laboratories.

This is the process: Ask your doctor to write on the blood form in big writing: “PLEASE FORWARD THE SERUM SAMPLE ON TO VIRAL DIAGNOSTICS FOR TESTING IgG-GLIADIN AND IgA-GLIADIN ANYBODY LEVELS”

2 - SDS Pathology (which is now part of the same organization as Laverty but not yet merged) Contact: Lucinda Wallman, Head of Immunology, Phone: 0410-327-562
( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) This lab will do the IgG-gliadin antibody test, but this may be abandoned soon.

3- Hanly Moir Pathology might do this – but you have to ask – I have been given differing info on this (it might depend on the location)

4 - Analytical Reference Labs (Victoria)
I have not got any information from them – can anyone help me here?

5 - St John of God Geelong (Victoria) will do the IgG-gliadin antibody test on request

Please can you give me more help on this?

If you know the names of other laboratories that will do this IgG-gliadin antibody test, please would you write me?

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