Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medical Gluten Awareness takes time

I am not a conspiracy theory supporter. My belief is that most GPs do the best job that they can. They are hampered by two opposing forces: their lack of up-to-date knowledge; but in the middle of an information overload. The natural thing to do is to just keep on doing what you have been doing and feel safe. To make it more complex, the gluten/celiac tests have changed radically over the last 15 years - so this makes getting up-to-date all the more difficult. My approach is to encourage the community (patients) to educate their doctors. Doing this by facebook, blogs, writing books, lecturing and creating the eClinic.

Facebook friend Al says: “I have seen change over the years and I feel it will continue change for the better. The gluten-free community has seen rather large changes over the past 1 - 2 years in research. Will it change as quick as we'd like? I'm afraid not. It will take time for this info to filter down to frontline medical professionals.

Yes, it takes time to "change direction" in world of medicine/science.

Cheers, Dr RodneyFord

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