Sunday, May 1, 2011

Distinction between CD and other gluten syndromes blurred

Yes, the distinction between CD and other gluten syndromes is now blurred. It has been for over a decade - but now the black & white has become grey.

I was asked about the new or controversial gluten/celiac testing, which had been denounced by a conservative celiac disease high ranking officer.

My thoughts: celiac society people are often closed-minded about anything other than CD. They generally do not countenance Gluten/intolerance/sensitivity. They are drilled by gastroenterologists, and still there is the idea that celiac disease is the only “real” gluten disease.

The other tests: I have no personal experience with Enterolab or Cyrex. They are not available in NZ. However, I know Tom O'Bryan and Ken Fine. Both enthusiastic. Both ethical. Both wanting to help the gluten-problem-sufferers. They have spent their lives in this area caring for people with gluten sensitivity. I hear people say how much they have been helped with a diagnosis by these test systems.

CD official followers are conservative and are hanging on to the status quo. Celiac/gluten testing is about to go through a revolution with the race on to find an accurate and acceptable test for gluten sensitivity. The distinction between CD and other gluten syndromes is becoming blurred (to the concern of CD societies).

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