Friday, June 10, 2011

Anonymous food at conference

I was at a gastroenterology conference last week (ESPGHAN). The information was excellent (in Sorento, Italy).

But I am very disappointed about the lack of any food descriptions. The food was anonymous. No labels, no description, no allergen declarations.

At a GI/food allergy/nutrition conference, I would have thought that people on special diets would be catered for. For example, I am Gluten Free. Morning & Afternoon teas had no GF option. Boxed breakfasts - no GF option. Lunch boxes - GF option was hard to track down (no info given about how to get this food). There was no indication about dairy/eggs/nuts in any of the food. It was definitely not a food-allergy friendly conference. Very odd. This lack of food action does not give a very good message - we should be taking food allergy/intolerance seriously, at every venue. I say: less talking and more doing.


  1. I had the same experience at a gastroenterology conference in London where coeliac society members were encouraged to hadn't packed the usual food believing the bumph when they said gf foods would be available. I had a bottled smoothy and plain crisps as the only safe foods from the five food outlets.

  2. Isn't it the case that there are more Coeliac Disease sufferers in Italy than anywhere else in the world? Shame on the organisers of the conference. I agree with you - Do it, don't just talk it.

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