Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Direct link: gluten and my brain

Erin Fitzgerald writes:

"I just wanted to tell Dr Rodney about my symptoms which may be of assistance for other cases. 

I have been unwell since my teenage years with all of the usual symptoms of gluten intolerance it was particularly bad for the past 11 years including diarrhoea every day. 

But my most disturbing symptom was fainting which was happening daily and ofter multiple times in the day. I had every test known to man with no positive results. Eventually I  went on a gluten free diet on my own accord and noticed an immediate ceasing of the fainting.

I initially thought this was because my diarrohea and associated malnutrition stopped however after accidentally eating a small amount of gluten and fainiting a few months later I realised there was a direct link between gluten and my brain. Possibily because I had suffered severe symptoms for so long.

I have searched for similar cases and never found any nor has any Doctors i talked to heard of a link between fainting and gluten allergy so I thought you might be interested.

Thank you for all your wonderful work."


Thanks Erin, I have similar patients. This is part of the Gluten Syndrome.
Cheers Rodney Ford 

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