Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Every mouthful matters"

In your experience, you probably recognize that most people have no idea what they are putting into their mouth.  If people are hungry - then eat.  And if they eat, then ANYTHING will do - more sugar, fat and more wheat.

In our Children's Clinic and Allergy Centre we see children ( and their parents) who are ill BECAUSE of their lack of knowledge about food.

It turns out that wheat/gluten is their major problem.

You can see my arguments of everyone adopting Gluten ZERO in my book "Glute: ZERO Global".

Dr Rodney Ford


  1. Hello! I've just found your blog! Yesterday evening I created a facebook page: Aspie Sans Gluten (yep, it's in French: "Gluten Free Aspie"). It's my wish to try and raise "gluten awareness" in the asperger's/autists' community here in France (and maybe further!). The gluten/casein free diet is so often despised here in France! And when I see what results I get from it, gosh! It makes me feel like... Well, at least creating a facebook page!
    I'm certainly going to come back here often :) Tahnk you for your work!

  2. Dear Dr Ford,
    Thank you so much for spreading this information on gluten! I listened to you on the Gluten Summit. Wow! Now I have a chance to blog for a big Swedish site (thousands of readers) and I wonder if you will give me permission to use this picture of your book in the blog post.
    Best regards
    Mikaela from Sweden