Sunday, November 28, 2010

Easily Detected

The Big List of symptoms is often challenged by medical practitioners. They say that it is impossible for gluten (and other foods) to cause so many problems. However, I think that this is a shallow argument - the answer needs much more thought.

For instance, consider a virus. It is a very small infectious particle. Nevertheless, it can cause just about any symptom you can think of. Think about it. When you get unwell from a virus you can have heaps of symptoms: a headache, sore tummy, vomiting, diarrhea, feel miserable, no energy, temperature, feel off your food, get stomach reflux ... and any other symptoms you can imagine.

Think about this. Your body does not produce many symtoms - you only have a small number of symptoms. This is your body telling you that you are unwell. Your symptoms are not specific - they are general.

Lots of conditions can cause the same symptoms

That is why if you have symptoms on "The BIG LIST", and these symptoms are unexplained - then you could be suffering from a food intolerance/ allergy.

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