Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little bit of flattery is always welcome!

Toby’s mother wrote this down:

“Dr Ford, thank you for giving me an opportunity to write my story. As last, Toby (now 14 months old) is well again. I am so relieved. Toby is my second baby. Everything went so well for the first few weeks. I was a contented mother. He was breastfed and beautiful. But then our troubles began! By four weeks he was starting to whinge and squirm after feeds. I noticed that his skin was getting dry and felt scaly.

I got anxious. Over the next few weeks his rash got worse and worse. His cheeks got red and began to crack and weep. He developed cradle cap. He was being sick after his breast feeds. At times he seemed miserable. My GP had given me a steroid cream to put on – but it didn’t make much difference.

Luckily, one of my friends told me that this might be a food allergy and that I should see Dr Ford. I did! He solved the problem!

After listening to me, he did a series of skin prick tests. They were easy to do. They were done on his back and Toby didn’t even notice. Within five minutes he had two big bumps like sand-fly bites on his back. They were reactions to cow’s milk and to egg. It was amazing! I had an answer!

It was now so easy. All I had to do was to remove all cows’ milk and egg from my diet. I did this. Within three weeks Toby’s skin was almost perfect. It was hard to believe!"

Thank you Toby's mom! and, yes, Eczema is often driven by food allergy.

Here's video which shows the process of the skin prick test:

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