Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A big “NO” for a gluten “homeopathic remedy”

I have been sent this query from one of my medical colleagues:

“Have you heard of this product? Apparently it's homeopathic. They make some amazing claims. I'm being asked about this and wanted to know if you had any experience/thoughts.”

My reply: “Yes, interesting stuff, however I remain the skeptic.

I have seen this product advertised on the Internet. I have spent some time looking at the website. They claim that this is a “one time treatment” and that once you have taken the course of capsules that you will be able to eat gluten from then on.

I think that this is most unlikely. I am surprised that they are looking at changes in the IgA-anti-gliadin levels.   This is the stool test from enterolab.   I do not have any experience using this assay.

I would be very surprised if someone with celiac disease could start eating gluten after a course of these tablets.

Their conclusion is: ”Although much  more  work  needs  to  be  done  to  prove  the  efficacy  of  this  remedy,   this  pilot  study  indicates  that  some,  if  not  all,  of  the  ingredients  in  this  preparation   may  be  useful  in  helping  the  estimated  the  20  million  people  in  the  United  States   who  have  Gluten  Intolerance.”

They are making a big claim with almost no data.  I would like to see this tested on someone with full celiac disease and see what happens to the celiac markers over a year.  I am sure that very few celiacs would agree to take gluten again.

I would not recommend this product for my patients.
Gluten does a lot of bad things and taking a homeopathic “remedy” for this seems fool-hardy.”
Stay off gluten - the message from me is go ZERO gluten - do not fool yourself with any "quick fix". "If it looks too good to be true - then it IS too good to be true." 

So it is a big “NO” from me.

Cheers Rodney

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  1. Thanks for your perspective, Dr. Ford. It really helps others to see both sides of the story and I believe helping others make informed decisions with regard to any coeliac remedy (or a remedy of any kind) is important!