Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celiac nightmares

Newly diagnosed celiac disease.  Rick is 30-year-old.  No energy! He told me about his lifetime history "tiredness".  As a child, his parents called him lazy. This was because he just did not have the energy to do all of the things that he was asked to do. He has fought this by doing more exercise and eating healthy diet (but this meant more gluten!).  But he still feels so tired.  But he thinks he is normal!
Rick has been troubled with horrific nightmares. He has a sore tummy and runny stool. His brother is skinny, and his father has quit eating bread.
Rick’s blood tests show that he definitely has celiac disease. He will feel so much better on a gluten-free diet. He is excited to start the changes.
Did you know that about 1 in 50 people who are chronically unwell might have celiac disease, and many others have gluten sensitivity.

If you are sick, tired or grumpy - get a gluten test.
Dr Rodney Ford

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  1. I am a self diagnosed celiac, lol. Doing much better on the gluten free diet, if I make a mistake, I bloat, have a sore tummy and struggle with constipation. I accidently ate gluten yesterday and had the worst nightmares last night. I immediatley knew it was gluten related when I woke up. I'm glad Rick is finally diagnosed, he will feel a difference very soon. The withdrawel stage is just not a nice experience. I highly recommend the book Wheat Belly by William Davis. Brilliant and life changing. Good luck!