Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gluten Free Planet - 3 options

Dr Rodney Ford is a pediatrician and gastroenterologist.  He is very interested in gluten and how it causes people harm.  He is heading up the project called Gluten Free Planet. 


The idea is to have the whole world gluten-free, which might seem crazy to some people. However, it depends on how much gluten is causing harm to everybody – we will talk about the burden of gluten harm a little later.

I am launching the project of collaboratively producing a book called Gluten Free Planet.
There are 3 options for humanity:
  • 1st option - just accept the status-quo - that means we do not do anything about gluten - we just leave things as – just leave people suffering as they are - just get on with it.
  • 2nd option  - is to change the people - to change the people with drugs and vaccines – so that their immune system is tricked into accepting gluten into their bodies.
  • 3rd option - which is the one that I promote – is to change the food – wouldn’t it be a better idea to change the food so that the food we eat suits us – rather than change the body so that this potentially harmful food doesn’t upset us.

So I am aiming to change the food of the world to a gluten-free status. This is  a huge thing to do  - but it is doable … and with the will of the gluten-free community behind us, I know that we can persuade manufacturers, persuade farmers, persuade the food chain, and persuade everybody that we are much better on this Planet in a gluten-free state.

Dr Rodney Ford


  1. The revised title for the book will be:

    Gluten: ZERO global

    Launches in September 2012 with a USA speaking tour

  2. I think this is a brilliant idea! I've been gluten free since being ill some 30+ years ago and finding the cause was gluten. In my small way I do spread the word. I often see symptoms in my (hypnotherapy) clients and suggest they go gf.

    I follow you on Twitter (GlutenFree Warrioress) and would love to help. I'd move to New Zealand and work for you freely as I'm passionate about the harm gluten does!

    Jackie Kay

    1. Thanks - there is lots to do! But increasing gluten consciousness is working. RF