Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do not put food on your skin

Please, do not put food on your skin

People with food allergies get symptoms if the eat the culprit food. But also if they put it on the skin.

This is very interesting - I am a food allergist. Often I see parents putting foods (in creams and potions) onto their child's skin and subsequently getting an allergic reaction - or worse, they are sensitizing their child to yet another food via the skin.

Foods are for eating - not for skin care in people with food sensitivity. Although these creams promote that they are “natural”, it is best to put something inert on the skin (such as a fatty cream).

This also applies to gluten. Gluten in cosmetics, and especially lipstick, is a no no. Many people get itchy or even feel unwell when gluten gets through the skin. Do not breath it is either: wheat dust can be breathed in and make you sick as well.

Free-from means free from on the skin and in the lungs.

Author of The Gluten Syndrome

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