Thursday, February 3, 2011

My celiac panel came back negative

Most common question: "My celiac panel came back negative. My biopsy was negative as well. Do I keep pushing for a diagnosis, or assume I am truly not sensitive to gluten?? So perplexed!! :)"

This is the most common question that I get asked. So I wrote 4 books about it!

  • The Gluten Syndrome;
  • Are You Gluten Sensitive? Your Questions Answered;
  • The book for the Sick Tired and Grumpy;
  • Full Of It: The Shocking Truth About Gluten.

Three things to think about:

1- Did you get a gluten antibody test? (IgG-gliadin antibody)? That helps with the diagnosis. What lab tests were actually run - have you had a look at the actual numbers?

2 – If you feel better gluten-free, and get sick/unwell when you eat gluten: then you are gluten sensitive. The diagnosis is made by your own experience (that is made by elimination & challenge). It is not exclusively a blood test diagnosis.

3 – The blood tests can help with diagnosis (checking for gut damage [celiac disease], confirming gluten antibody responses, checking nutritional status). But if you have “normal” tests, this does not rule out gluten-sensitivity … The Gluten Syndrome.

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