Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gluten free means ZERO gluten

Often I am asked: "How strict do I have to be?"

"Does a little bit of gluten-food now and then really matter?"


The word that I use for gluten is "ZERO". I have come to this conclusion because it is important for your antibodies against gluten to slowly disappear. Every time that you have gluten (by error or as a deliberate choice) you stimulate your immune system to continue to produce these potentially harmful antibodies again. This undoes a lot of the work that you have been doing to dampen down the gluten reactions.

So I say Gluten free means ZERO gluten - not negotiable.

To achieve this, you will need to be absolutely convinced about your "gluten-induced-disease" (get a confirmed diagnosis and get the correct set of blood tests). Also develop a group of people around you (who understand the gluten thing) who can help and nourish your diet path. AND, you can help them. Join our facebook page - that will help too.

The simple answer is "ZERO gluten"

Cheers Rodney

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