Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cow's milk colic and reflux

Hi everyone. I am associate Professor, medical doctor, paediatrician (children's doctor). I have done a lot of studies about problems related to food allergy, gluten-sensitivity (the gluten syndrome), coeliac disease, and gastroenterology problems. I am also known as the medical food doctor!

Today I will be sharing with you some facts about Cow's milk:

Relief from colic has been observed in breast fed infants whose mothers have been put onto a diet free of both cow's milk and dairy products. The baby’s colic was found to return when the mother began eating dairy products again. These initial studies were done in 1978 by Jacobsson and Lindberg. These were “open” studies (mothers knew whether or not they were drinking cows’ milk) which showed that a third of colicky babies responded to their mothers going off dairy.

Colic is caused by cow's milk in 1-in-4 babies

This work was subsequently strongly criticized, and so they repeated their research by doing “double blind” studies (they gave the mothers “disguised” drinks so that they did not know which days they were drinking cows’ milk). The mothers then observed the symptoms in their babies. By doing this more rigorous study, they confirmed their observations: that the colicky babies responded to dairy products. However, this time around they found that a quarter (25%: one in four) of colicky babies got better when their mother went on a dairy free diet.

These colic symptoms are often caused by gastric reflux - GORD

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