Sunday, August 29, 2010

We get cute chicks from eggs but can we get allergy?

Do the skin tests tell me how bad the egg allergy is?

The bigger the skin tests, then the longer the egg allergy persists. However, 80% of children will outgrow their egg allergy by 6 years of age. Getting skin tested again at 5-6 years old is a good idea. That will give you a good idea if there is continuing egg allergy. A skin prick test of over 10mm suggests a longer time before getting over the egg allergy.

Could my child have an anaphylactic reaction?

Yes, if enough egg is eaten, then a child with a positive egg skin test can develop an anaphylactic reaction. But a child will spit out the food immediately and often will vomit – this protects the child.

What about cooked egg?

Yes, many children can tolerate tiny amounts of egg in baking but would get sick if given any obvious egg products.

Does egg allergy cause eczema?

Yes it does, Dr Ford's research shows that egg is the most common food allergy in babies and toddlers in causing eczema.

Can egg get through in breastmilk?

Yes, egg easily gets into breastmilk. So if your breastfeeding child has eczema, then Dr Ford suggests that the baby gets skin tested – if positive, then mum should go off eggs until the baby is weaned.

How long does egg allergy last?

Most children (80%) get tolerant to egg by 6 years old. Get another skin test then to see.

Is egg allergy a lifelong condition?

About 20% of egg allergy children continue to be allergic to egg into adulthood. Most of these people have a big skin test to egg early on and remain positive throughout childhood.

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