Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gluten harms many brains!

Hi everyone. I am associate Professor, medical doctor, paediatrician (children's doctor). I have done a lot of studies about problems related to food allergy, gluten-sensitivity (the gluten syndrome), coeliac disease, and gastroenterology problems. I am also known as the medical food doctor!

Today I will be sharing with you some more facts about gluten:

Gluten can injure both the brain and nervous networks that control gut functions. This damage from gluten-sensitivity can be either as a direct toxic effect of gluten, or indirectly by immune mediated mechanisms.

The smooth uninterrupted function of the body relies upon a healthy nervous system. Gluten is linked to neurological harm in patients, both with and without evidence of celiac disease.

The list of neurological conditions that have now been documented to be associated with gluten and celiac disease is a long one. It includes:

Brain dysfunction

Headaches and Migraine

Cerebellar ataxia

Myoclonic ataxia

Chronic neuropathies

Autonomic neuropathy



Mood and Behaviour problems


Learning disorders

Lethargy, low energy

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)



Psychiatric disorders


These problems are seen both in coeliac disease and in gluten-sensitivity without intestinal damage. The evidence for these disorders is discussed in detail with relevant illustrated stories in the book “Full Of It!

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