Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thanks for viewing my blog ...

Thanks everyone for viewing my blogs. I will be posting about two new articles a week which I hope you'll find helpful. Please Follow this blog to ensure you receive all the updates and if you ever have a question, don't hesitate to ask.

Keep well everyone.


  1. Awesome blog Dr Ford! I am so glad you have begun blogging. It will help spread teh message of a gluten-free planet!

    I've put up a link on my site back to here & hopefully plenty of others will come to check you out.

    Good stuff.


  2. Hi Dr Ford - I saw your comment on Jamie's fantastic blog. I first read your books some years ago after learning about the effect of gluten on the brain at a biomedical conference, and loved them. You make the gluten issue so easy to understand. I never thought gluten was an issue for me at the time though! I finally went totally gluten free myself about a year ago - it got rid of gut issues (constipation) and joint inflammation (probably mild auto-immune), Oh and combining that with dairy free got rid of my mild dyshidrosis, PMS and cramps. I've since discovered I have Hashimotos and strict gluten free is recommended for that too. I'm hoping to keep medication free.

    Keep the great work!


  3. Well done Dr. Ford!



  4. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for all you are doing.