Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you “normal”?

Are you “normal”?

I have been investigating these families for years and have now discovered that many of them are in fact intolerant to gluten – but they have no inkling of this. Lots of children (and adults) have chronic symptoms but think that they are “normal”. They experience symptoms and bad feelings every day of their lives – but this is “normal” for them. They do not recognise that they have a problem.

The secret is out

My data shows that the most common reason for these symptoms is an adverse reaction to gluten: this is called gluten-sensitivity, or the gluten syndrome. If you (or your child) have any ongoing health or behaviour problems, then you could be suffering from gluten-sensitivity. It affects about one-in-ten people. So you could be the one!

In susceptible people, gluten-sensitivity is caused by eating bread and pasta (and other wheat-based foods). The very first thing to do is get a blood test.

Gluten-sensitivity: you can’t tell if you don’t test.

I made a startling discovery. It happened like this. Many children came to see me because other doctors could not find what was wrong with them. Perplexed, I did a panel of blood tests on them all, especially looking for evidence of an immune reaction to gluten. What I found was that most of these children were reacting to gluten. Their parents were amazed at the beneficial response of taking gluten out of their diets.

Moreover, many of the parents also had blood tests, which also showed that they were gluten-sensitive: they also experienced “miraculous” results on going gluten-free.

Of course not everyone is reacting to gluten, but a huge number are. If you (or your child) are having ongoing health or mood problems – then you need to get a blood test. About one-in-ten people are suffering unnecessarily from eating bread! Your may be the one!


If you are feeling sick, tired and grumpy, then get a blood test for gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Then try a gluten-free diet. You might be surprised.

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  1. Blood antibody tests apparently do not discover all the cases. Look up Entrolab and I am not sure they discover 100% of the cases. There could be cases where only the innate immune system is involved.

  2. Dr. Fine says his tests are not 100% and people should listen to their bodies when it comes to food reactions.

    When I went GF I learned I was depressed. I did not know I was depressed as that is how I felt all my life. Elimination of gluten and I discovered a new me.

    Another lifelong symptom was a dull ache in my belly. I thought it was a "woman thing" but it disappeared with a GF diet. Amazing.