Sunday, September 19, 2010

Contest, Winners and Prizes!

Contest and Awards time!

Hi everyone!

As you may know our mission, and the goal of our group is to raise gluten-awareness. That is, awareness of the harmful effects that gluten has on so many of us.

I call this “global-gluten-consciousness”.

Lots of people

We are delighted with nearly 500 people indicating they “LIKE” the Gluten-Free Planet movement on Facebook (Click HERE to see the movement). However, we would like that number to multiply, to grow bigger ... and even bigger! The more people to “LIKE” it the, faster this dream of a gluten free planet will no longer be “just a dream”.

As founder, I feel proud that so many of my Facebook “FRIENDS” have invited so many friends and family to join - which is wonderful. We can dream ... but only those who take action can turn a dream into reality. I am a person of action! The mission is crystal-clear.

Lots of winners

It is time to step up. I am fortunate to be surrounded and supported by all of you. It is my turn to GIVE BACK something to you. So we are holding a Gluten-Free Planet contest. There will be with 10 winners.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter as long as you are over 18 years old! (If you are under 18 years old you can still enter but you have to get permission from your parents). The contest is open internationally and we will ship the prizes to you, where ever you are on the globe.

The prizes:

10 winners and 10 prizes

1. The grand prize: A 40-minute Skype-consultation with me at a time that suits both you and I. Valued at US$270.00

2. 3 complimentary access tokens to the eClinic. To find out more about the eClinic click HERE.

Valued at US$27.00

3. 3 free copies of “The Energy Effect” book written by Dr Rodney Ford. Click HERE for more info.

Valued at US$19.00

4. 3 free copies of “The Gluten Syndrome” written by Dr Rodney Ford. Click HERE for more info.

Valued at US$19.00

What you need to do?

To win you MUST be a member of the Gluten-Free Planet movement (click HERE) AND subscribed to my YouTube channel (click HERE).

The first winner needs to do a bit of work. The first prize will go to the person who gets the biggest number of people to “LIKE” the Gluten-Free Planet group. The way to do this is by letting your friends/family know about this movement and get them to click this LINK and write the following:

“(YOUR-NAME) recommended Gluten-Free Planet”.

The other 9 winners will be selected at random from the names of the group members and Youtube subscribers. I will make a video and post it online of the winners. The winners will be contacted directly.

Closing Date

The day the 1,000th person “LIKES” Gluten-Free Planet movement on Facebook and when I get 1,000 subscribers to my Youtube Channel.

I will be holding competitions and contests often. In the meantime you can find out more about me and what I do. Here are some links to my WebPages:

My personal website:

My Blog:

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