Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gluten neuro-toxic

Gluten is primarily a neuro-toxic protein. It causes harm to the nerves and brain both directly, through immune complex disease and by gluten and tTG antibody cross reactivity with brain tissue. The gut problems are a second-order effect.

ALL neurological disorders, ALL schizophrenia and ALL mood disorders should all be investigated for gluten sensitivity.

The gluten syndrome: a neurological disease.

More about gluten blood tests later
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  1. I've been wondering lately just how many of our modern day "diseases" have their roots in gluten; it's interesting to note that it also affects us neurologically. Thankyou for sharing the article.

  2. Certainly gluten affects my brain and nerves. Gluten caused my depression, brain fog, mild ataxia, peripheral neuropathy and headaches. I have been GF for 7 years and all these symptoms(along with many others) disappeared with the exception of the peripheral neuropathy. My neuropathy symptoms greatly improved but I am left with residual numbness of my feet. At least there is no pain and my feet don't slow me down now.