Thursday, September 2, 2010

bad-for-us-foods are cheap

Is it that gluten-free-foods are expensive, or rather that bad-for-us-foods are cheap? It costs more to eat more healthy, so it can be a tough decision about what to buy. What you buy you eat.

This is part of the explanation for the obesity epidemic in our country.

The latest TIME magazine states "If you want to get sick, just eat what your body wants you to eat: meat, fat, salt and sugar ..."

One of the most confronting things that we humans fear is curbing our natural un-healthy drives and learning to eat in a health-based fashion. Our brains do not like change - even if it is good for us!

Cheers Rodney Ford

Time magazine


  1. Hi Dr Ford

    I disagree that it is costly to eat well. Since going grain-free and no longer being concerned regarding the likes of saturated fat, my food bill has dropped considerably. What people get hung up on is replacing their current crap food with gluten free crap food, or fat-free crap food, or sugar-free crap food. There is a very common theme running through all of those types of food. Letting your palatte tast the natural flavours with in non-grain, non sugar, non vegetable oil foods, means that one doesn't need to buy all sorts of processed flavourings (where gluten often hides). And eating a high fat diet means one isn't constantly battling hunger and having to buy lots of carb-based foods (costly) to take the hunger away.

  2. Excellent comment. Grains have a lot to answer for. However, they are grown by the millions of tons.

  3. I agree with what Jamie said. Interestingly, now that I have stopped eating sugar and high carb foods, the low carb veggies taste sweeter.

    I like your blog Jamie.