Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gluten is a big problem

Coeliac disease is when you get gut damage from the toxic affects of gluten. Gluten causes the lining of the gut (the mucosa of the small bowel) to get damage and not function very well.

1-in-100 people have coeliac disease (1% of people).
In the USA this is called gluten sensitive enteropathy. It is a small bowel disease.

However, gluten can cause a lot more widespread damage. This is called Gluten-Sensitivity, or The Gluten Syndrome. Gluten affects 1-in-10 people (10% of the population).

Gluten is a big problem

Gluten can play havoc everywhere in your gut. If you are sensitive to gluten, then your elegant gut mechanism can be disrupted in many places. This is the basis of a great many possible symptoms. Every part of your gastrointestinal tract (your gut) can be affected – not only the small bowel.

In addition, many other parts of your body, outside of your gut, can be involved. Finally, poor absorption of foods and minerals can cause symptoms because of nutritional deficiency (from malabsorption). Immune deficiency can also appear.

Get your blood tests first

Please DO NOT go on a gluten-free diet until you have had a blood test
We describe all of this in our book called: "The Gluten Syndrome"

Recommendation: If you (or your child) have any chronic symptoms, then check out the possibility of the Gluten Syndrome. Please get a blood test.

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