Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is a gluten-free diet? How to start

A gluten-free diet excludes all foods that contain gluten (anything made from wheat, rye or barley grains). The most common gluten-containing foods are ordinary bread, rolls, cakes, biscuits, and any other product made from ordinary flour.

The good news is that there are lots of gluten-free products available, such as: flour, bread mixes, biscuits and pasta. (In New Zealand, some of these gluten-free products are available on prescription for people who have Coeliac Disease).

Foods that contain gluten

Wheat-based foods

Bread, bread crumbs, rolls

Brewers yeast

Biscuits, crackers, cookies


Croissants, donuts, pancakes, flapjacks


Pasta, noodles


Pizza bases



Wheat germ, wheat bran, wheat nuts

Other gluten grains

Barley-based foods

Rye-based foods

Gluten found in thse foods

Alcohol – beer, ale, lager, and some grain-based spirits

Beverages – cereal-based and malted beverages

Bread crumbed or battered meats and fish

Coated meats – with wheat flour before being browned

Sauces and gravy made with ingredients not allowed

Sausages and hamburgers with gluten fillings

Soups – made with barley

Soy sauce made with wheat

Sweets – liquorice, candies with ingredients not allowed.

The books that tell you much more about this are:

Are You Gluten Sensitive?

Going Gluten-free: How to get started.

The Gluten Free Lunch Book

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